Barnabas Foundation offers a variety of educational, planning and marketing resources to support your church or ministry’s stewardship and planned giving efforts.

Additional members-only resources (including marketing templates, webinars, planning tools and more) can be accessed by clicking above to log into the Member Center.  To learn more about becoming a Member Organization, Click Here.

  • 10 Financial Principles that are Biblical

    This 10-part series highlights financial principles found in God’s Word that instruct us in conducting our financial affairs.

  • 5 Secrets of Good and Faithful Servants

    Do you have kids or grandkids that like to keep secrets? A secret, the dictionary reports, is something hidden from view. That’s a good description of the hearts of “good and faithful servants” that Jesus described in Matthew 25. Although motivations of the heart are not always visible, Jesus takes notice and ultimately commends them. Here are 5 “secrets” of good and faithful servants that we trust will be an encouragement to you as you grow in your walk with the Lord.

  • A Matter of the Heart

    Most people immediately think of money when they hear the word “stewardship.” But stewardship is so much bigger than finances. It’s really a heart issue – a longing to offer everything we are and have to Him. Consider these truths from the Word of God as you prayerfully ask the Lord to make your heart more in tune with His.

  • Advisors e-Newsletter

    Offers financial professionals tax and other updates designed for Planned Gift advisors.

  • Barnabas Foundation Donor Video, with Tribute


    Are you looking for help in planning for your family’s future?  This video explains how Barnabas Foundation provides planning services tailored to your family situation.  

  • Barnabas Foundation Generosity Video


    Barnabas Foundation has developed the “Generosity” video which can be shown as part of a stewardship emphasis before worship, during worship, or as an introduction to an adult education opportunity.  It was developed for use in the church as a way to encourage church members to consider the incredible legacy they leave for others. 

  • Barnabas Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy

    Forms & Information, Policies

    Barnabas Foundation is a religious not-for-profit distinctly Christian organization. These guidelines provide information about the types of gifts Barnabas Foundation accepts.  

  • Barnabas Foundation Stewards Fund Policy

    Forms & Information, Policies

    This policy provides details on how the Stewards Fund operates. Our Stewards Fund is a donor-advised fund.  It provides an excellent opportunity to meet a donor’s charitable giving goals with the flexibility to ensure that their gifts are used most effectively. 

  • Biblical Principles

    Devotions play a key role in moving our hearts and minds into a receptive attitude.  Their impact on our growth as “good stewards” can be significant, as the opportunities to select appropriate devotions for specific groups expands.  We’ve selected some of the best resources available to guide you in this area.

  • Boomer Stewardship and Generosity: Leadership Lessons for the Second Half of Life

    This webinar discusses the Boomer Generation and leading a life of stewardship in the second half of life with Clayton Smith.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity Application Form

    Forms & Information, Forms

    To start a Charitable Gift Annuity, complete this form and return it to Barnabas Foundation. 

  • Charitable Gift Annuity Medicaid Disclosure

    Please read prior to applying for a Barnabas Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity.

    Charitable Gift Annuities provide an attractive way for individuals to make a charitable gift, receive an immediate tax deduction, and retain an income for life.  However, changes to Medicaid law in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 created new rules that should be considered when establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity.