A Barnabas Foundation planner will help you develop a plan that honors God, provides for your family and furthers the important mission of your favorite ministries.

Talk with a Planner


Together, we’ll discuss answers to important questions like…

  • Does my will reflect my values, needs and goals?
  • How much is enough for my loved ones?
  • How do I best provide for children or grandchildren with special needs?
  • Am I taking full advantage of charitable tax laws?
  • How can I extend my impact through my favorite charities?

Walk away with practical recommendations and clear-cut action steps to streamline the process of finalizing your legal documents with your chosen attorney.

Tax-Wise Charitable Giving

A Barnabas Foundation planner will also help you explore the various tax-wise planned giving options available to you, in a way that is clear and easy-to-understand.

  • Determine whether gifting non-cash assets– such as stock, real estate, retirement benefits, stocks or commodities – will reduce your taxes. Understand why giving from your IRA is a tax-wise way to multiply the impact of your generosity.
  • Learn how you can give your most significant gift ever through gifts in your will.
  • Explore how you can support your favorite ministries while receiving income for life.
  • Gain information about the Stewards Fund, and why using this donor-advised fund might simplify and streamline your giving.

Confidence and Trust

Since 1976, Barnabas Foundation has helped thousands of individuals and families transfer their God-given wealth to loved ones and the ministries close to their hearts.

Our experience and knowledge may help you…

  • Save taxes
  • Minimize family disputes
  • Provide for a family member with special needs
  • Transfer a family farm or business
  • Avoid probate expenses and delay

We’ll help you rest easy, knowing that you’re accomplishing the greatest good for your family and God’s Kingdom.

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