Give simply, confidently and effectively to all your favorite ministries by naming Barnabas Foundation as the charitable recipient in your will.

From planning to distribution, we’ll help you transfer your wealth in a way that honors God, provides for your family and extends your Kingdom impact.

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Why Barnabas Foundation?

Many people name Barnabas Foundation as the charitable recipient in their will because of the flexibility, simplicity and confidence it provides.

  • Simple, Streamlined Giving. We’ll record and carry out your wishes for simplified giving to multiple ministries. When you go to be with the Lord, your representatives will have a single trusted ally to contact, rather than having to deal with multiple organizations.
  • Expert Administration. Relieve the administrative burdens of your favorite non-profit ministries by entrusting Barnabas Foundation to manage the estate gift receipt and liquidation processes for their benefit.
  • Simplified IRA Gifts. Designate Barnabas Foundation as the charitable beneficiary of your IRA, and we will take care of distributing the funds to all your favorite ministries in a way that is consistent with your overall plan.
  • Gifts to Your Church. Confidently leave estate gifts for the benefit of your church, knowing they will be managed, invested and stewarded well.
  • Well-Timed Distributions. Concerned about gifting the entirety of your estate in a single lump sum? Barnabas Foundation can spread out distributions to your favorite charities over several years.
  • Family Involvement. Barnabas Foundation can set up a Stewards Fund account – a cost-effective alternative to a family foundation – funded by a portion of your estate, from which your children and grandchildren can recommend grants to their favorite ministries.
  • Trusted Planning Support. At no cost to you, discuss your plans with someone who understands charitable planning from a distinctively Christian worldview, helping streamline your decisions when you meet with your attorney.

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