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Retirement Income vs. Charitable Giving: You Don't Have to Choose

Article Type: Tips & Insights

Are you torn between making a difference and having enough income for retirement? No need to worry! You can care for your needs AND still give generously through a gift that provides income for life!

One of the most popular ways to do this is called a charitable gift annuity, or CGA for short.

You can establish a CGA by gifting cash or other property to the ministries dearest to your heart. In exchange, the ministry will pay income for life to you and your loved ones.

CGAs offer several advantages…

1. By giving assets such as rental properties that you no longer care to manage, you can free up time to do more of the Lord’s work.

2. You’ll realize tax advantages that ultimately put more money in your pocket for living and giving.

3. Ministries can make strategic decisions knowing finances will be available for the long-term.

4. Most importantly, you honor our more-than-enough God by stewarding His resources to meet both material needs AND Kingdom causes — without having to choose.