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Open Hands, Open Hearts: Record-Breaking Generosity in 2021

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Thanks to the generosity of God’s people, Barnabas Foundation recorded an unprecedented volume of giving in 2021, breaking all previous years’ records for gifts received and distributed through the Foundation.

In total, Barnabas Foundation clients distributed more than $97.6 million in 2021 to 2,309 charitable organizations close to their hearts. This is a 21% percent increase over 2020 distributions, which previously held the record for giving in a single year.

“We are amazed,” said James Bakke, J.D., executive director of Barnabas Foundation. “God has blessed His people, and He continues to move in their hearts to invest in His Kingdom.”

Of the total charitable funds distributed, $52.5 million was given through Barnabas Foundation’s Stewards Fund (donor-advised fund) in the form of 11,552 grants benefitting 2,149 different charities.

These gifts were given into the Stewards Fund by individuals and families in the forms of cash, stock, mutual funds, bonds, real estate and other assets. Barnabas Foundation then makes grants to organizations and ministries, as recommended by the donors.

An additional $30.6 million was distributed because individuals left charitable gifts in their wills or trusts.

“Those who give through their estate plans are visionary and generous people who understand the power of giving beyond their lifetimes.” said Bakke. “The Kingdom impact of their generosity will continue to ripple for many years yet to come.”

Since their founding in 1976, Barnabas Foundation has helped thousands of families distribute more than $935 million to their favorite charitable causes.

“What a joy it is to serve so many people who live with open hands and open hearts,” says Bakke. “They give for the glory of God, and we are honored to be part of their story.”

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