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Leaving a Legacy

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3 Ways to Support Your Favorite Kingdom Causes in Your Will

Your will (or trust) is a powerful tool for leaving a legacy of care and generosity. Through it, you can provide for the needs of your loved ones. You can also give in substantial ways to your favorite Kingdom causes. But what’s the best way to accomplish your personal and charitable goals?

Here are three common ways people include charitable giving in their estate plans.

Percentage or Tithe

  • Many individuals choose to allocate a certain percentage of their estate toward charity. Some choose to specifically designate 10 percent of their belongings toward Kingdom causes, because they wish to reinforce to their families the biblical concept of tithing.

Child Named Charity

  • Some families choose to add a “child named Charity” to their will or trust. By this method, for example, if a couple had four children, each of the children would receive 1/5 of their belongings and the remaining 1/5 could go toward their favorite Kingdom causes.

Gifts of Assets

  • Perhaps you have a specific non-cash asset that you’d like to give, such as a gift of real estate, business interests, life insurance, retirement assets, machinery or even a collection. People often designate assets as gifts for a number of reasons, whether it’s because the property has special meaning, their children have no further use for it or because they wish to protect their families from unnecessary taxes.

Simplicity, Confidence and Trust

Give simply, confidently and effectively to all your favorite ministries by naming Barnabas Foundation as the charitable recipient in your will or trust.

From planning to distribution, we’ll help you transfer your wealth in a way that honors God, provides for your family and extends your Kingdom impact, well beyond your lifetime.

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