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If It’s Not Given Cheerfully, Keep It

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Cheerful giving is the Gospel. It’s an emblem of God’s happy plan of redemption through Christ Jesus. To restore us, God didn’t hold back with a grimace; He joyfully went all-in.

That’s giving. That’s God.

Reflecting this truth, the Apostle Paul gave this enduring principle: “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Cor. 9:7, NIV)

Grumpiness spoils giving. It says, “I’m only partly convinced God’s really got me. I’d rather hold onto this, but I’ll give it anyways.”

Even worse, grumpy giving is contagious. What observer would be inspired to give after seeing a frowning face? No way!

Cheerful givers, however, send all the right messages — about God, how grace works and what trusting the Great Provider looks like.

Cheerful givers have confidence that God is in control. Through their quiet calm and joy, they demonstrate their confidence that God will provide for their needs, no matter the circumstance.

This explains why cheerful givers refuse to squeeze the daylights out of their wealth. They know their security and future doesn’t hinge on this world’s currency. Even if the world falls to pieces, God’s got them.

This confidence makes it possible for cheerful givers to invent new ways of giving. And when others see this winsome living, they too want its freedom and power. By first turning to God, they see their own abundance and begin to give cheerfully.

Bottom line: cheerful giving multiplies and grows God’s fame. It’s never about a gift’s size or its extravagance; instead, it’s always about putting the spotlight on God and His goodness.

If giving is going to be the Gospel, it has to be cheerful.

And if it’s not, just keep it!