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"Humbled and Amazed." $67 Million Directed to Charitable Organizations in 2019

Article Type: News

Thanks to the generosity of those we serve, Barnabas Foundation celebrates a record-breaking 9,890 grants sent to churches, nonprofit ministries and other charitable organizations in 2019.

Totaling $67 million, these gifts will translate into a variety of God-honoring resources and services, including humanitarian aid, Christian education, child sponsorship, global missions, elder care, Bible distribution, special needs programs and more.

Approximately $44 million of the distributions were given through donor-directed grants from the Stewards Fund (Barnabas Foundation’s donor-advised fund). Individuals and families give into the Stewards Fund with cash, stock, mutual funds, bonds, real estate and other assets. Barnabas Foundation then distributes these funds to a variety of organizations, as recommended by the supporters who gave.

The remainder of the distributions came as the result of individuals who left charitable gifts in their wills.

“What an honor to assist such wonderful clients in stewarding their God-given resources!” said Jim Bakke, executive director of Barnabas Foundation. “I am humbled and amazed we are entrusted to serve God’s Kingdom in this way.”

Since our founding in 1976, Barnabas Foundation has helped thousands of families distribute more than $760 million to the churches and ministries close to their hearts.

Learn how Barnabas Foundation can help you achieve the greatest good – for your family and for God’s Kingdom – through tax-wise charitable giving. Call 888.448.3040 or email info@BarnabasFoundation.com.