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Glorifying God with Your Property

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It was a new concept I had never really thought about before.

As I was visiting with a landscape architecture student, she described her design work as a means to display the glory of God. Seeing landscaping as an act of worship was a new and fresh perspective for me. However, it’s very consistent with an important truth: we are all stewards of God’s resources, whether it’s His creation, our time and talents or the property we own.

This conversation got me thinking about how I maintain my own yard – though I must confess I don’t see myself as someone who will ever enjoy mowing my grass. I have a new perspective now. I even joined my wife in planting some flowers to intentionally declare God’s glory.

How do you view your role as a steward of God’s resources? How can you use your property to glorify God and draw others toward Him?

Anything and everything can bring glory to God when we dedicate it to Him.