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Fourth Quarter All-Stars

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There are athletes who love the fourth quarter. They play at a different level than at any other time – especially in games where the team is behind. In the final moments, they deliver, and it makes all the difference.

In the past, many of you have been “fourth quarter” all-stars for the ministries you support. We are so thankful to be on your team! If you are able and planning to play that role again this year, we would love to give you the assist.

For so many ministries, this has been a historically difficult year, financially. They are operating from behind and they need to end the year well, for the future health of their mission.

If you or someone you know would like to strategize about how to be most impactful and tax-efficient with your year-end giving, please give us a call. We are honored to help generous friends like you achieve wins for their families and for God’s Kingdom.