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Expressing God's Glory

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In the spring issue of Stewardship Spotlight, I mentioned how, for the first time, I thought about maintaining my yard as a way to express God’s glory. I ended up planting 52 dahlia bulbs with the express purpose of doing just that. Sure enough, God’s glory showed up in a dazzling variety of flowers.

It’s been a joy to share these flowers with many people as a reminder of God’s beauty!

From that experience, I have been reminded…

  • What we plant is what we reap.
  • When we look for beauty, it is there.
  • If we acknowledge God, we bring Him glory.

To repeat my words from this spring: anything and everything can bring glory to God when we dedicate it to Him.

A similar example is that of Len and Joanne Kamp, whom you’ll read about in this issue. Like so many of you, they have dedicated their time, energy and resources to reflect the glory of God. What a privilege to serve so many generous friends who view their lives through this lens!

If you would like to have further conversation about using your God-given resources to reflect His glory, please give us a call.