Travis Morrow

Can I Buy More Time to Make Year-End Gifts?

Q: Can I buy more time to make year-end gifts to my church and other charities?

A. Your concern is understandable! The holiday frenzy makes it challenging to thoroughly research charities, decide gift amounts and give any assets — all by December 31.

The Stewards Fund, Barnabas Foundation’s donor-advised fund, is a convenient solution. Through it, you can give to Barnabas Foundation now to receive an immediate tax deduction, and then decide later how to recommend grants to the ministries close to your heart.

You establish a Stewards Fund by gifting cash, stock, real estate or other assets to Barnabas Foundation. Barnabas Foundation will invest the assets to grow your Stewards Fund, while ensuring your chosen ministries receive the amounts you designate.

The Stewards Fund also makes it easy to give to multiple charities, since you give to one account and then recommend how to distribute the funds.

To learn more about setting up a Stewards Fund account, contact Barnabas Foundation at or call 888-448-3040.