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Clarity to Move Forward

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Week after week, we meet with generous Christians to help them create estate plans that honor God, provide for their families and support the causes close to their hearts. If there is one commonality, it’s that one or more decisions have kept them from completing their plans.

How do I help my kids without hurting them?

How can I provide for a loved one with special needs?

Who will become the next steward of my business?

How much should I give to ministry?

For some, the greatest sticking point is the fear of making the wrong decision and having it memorialized in a will.

Unfortunately, most of these people aren’t sure where to turn for help. That’s where a Barnabas Foundation planner comes in.

We have the sacred privilege of helping people consider these decisions. Our job is simply to ask questions in a safe space to bring clarity to issues. Often, the “right” decision is much closer than people expect once those issues are clarified. For example, in this blog, you’ll read about Elanor who was able to finalize her will with the help of a Barnabas Foundation planner.

If you have unresolved questions about your estate plan, I invite you to consider talking with a Barnabas Foundation planner. These conversations are confidential and at no cost to you. To learn more, email planning@BarnabasFoundation.org or call us 888.448.3040.