Barnabas Foundation offers a variety of educational, planning and marketing resources to support your church or ministry’s stewardship and Planned Giving efforts.

Additional members-only resources (including marketing templates, webinars, planning tools and more) can be accessed by clicking above to log into the Member Center.  To learn more about becoming a Member Organization, Click Here.

  • Stewardship Basics Series - Part 2

    This webinar discusses Stories From Churches Like Yours with Mike Koetje and Lyle Ahrenholz.

  • Stewardship Basics Series - Part 3

    Webinar (For Churches)

    In this webinar, Karen Layland and Laura DeVries discuss nurturing stewardship as a core value.


    • How to make stewardship part of your Church’s DNA
    • Practical resources you can use today to grow generosity in your church
    • How every ministry in your church can reflect stewardship as a core value
    • And much more! 

  • Stewardship Calendar

    Marketing Plan

    The Stewardship Calendar includes month-by-month recommended resources and ideas for preaching, small groups, offerings, events, communications and more. This calendar can become a core component in a church stewardship initiative. 

  • Stewardship Calendar FAQ

    Learn more about this powerful tool and how to best use it to support your stewardship efforts. 

  • Stewardship Spotlight

    A quarterly newsletter focusing on planned giving and stewardship education.

  • Terry and Linda Van Der Aa Testimony

    Stewards Fund

    Terry and Linda Van Der Aa’s testimony illustrates the power of leaving a legacy and the benefit of having a Stewards Fund, Barnabas Foundation’s donor-advised fund. When asked about the role of Barnabas Foundation, Terry made an interesting observation. He said, “Just because the timing is right to sell a business, does not mean that the timing is right to give to certain causes. Barnabas Foundation was very helpful in assisting us in making the most tax-efficient gifts in connection with the sale of our business. They were a great resource for us in facilitating our charitable goals at an important time in our life.” Terry and Linda have used their Stewards Fund account instead of setting up their own private foundation to help bridge the gap. This testimony can be shared with your supporters.  (131 words)

  • The Answer to Your Church Foundation Challenge

    Webinar (For Churches)

    In this webinar, Cindi Riemersma, client services administrator at Barnabas Foundation, discusses the answers to your church foundation challenge.

    View this webinar and you’ll learn:

    • How a foundation benefits your church and its members
    • How you can easily establish a legacy foundation
    • How a church legacy foundation works
    • What new types of gifts your church may receive
    • How to grow your foundation Success stories from other churches

  • The Godly Steward and Self-Understanding

    This webinar discusses the Godly steward and self-understanding with Dr. R. Scott Rodin.

  • The Pastor’s Role in Growing Generous Hearts

    This webinar discusses the Pastor’s role growing generous hearts with Rebekah Basinger.

  • The Role of Planned Giving in Your Church

    Webinar (For Churches)

    In this webinar, Amy Bakker Baty, director of planned giving services, discusses the role of planned giving in your church. Want to find out what potential is available to your church by promoting planned gifts? You will hear about the untapped potential in your church, new creative ways to give, steps to get started with your members, and stories from other churches. 

  • The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn

    This book introduces readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity that will change lives around the world.

  • Thoughts to Increase Stewardship Awareness

    Include these brief notations in your newsletter as a “stewardship highlight” to help increase stewardship awareness among your supporters.