Barnabas Foundation offers a variety of educational, planning and marketing resources to support your church or ministry’s stewardship and Planned Giving efforts.

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  • Jim and Millie Van Prooyen Testimony

    Charitable Remainder Trust and Stewards Fund

    Jim and Millie Van Prooyen’s testimony illustrates the power of leaving a legacy and the benefit of having a charitable remainder trust. When asked what Jim considers the best thing about his charitable remainder trust, he said, “It firms up the amount of income we have (a percentage of the trust). Add that to the social security we get, and it helps me plan and control. It’s a great income planning tool.” Jim also enjoys a Stewards Fund account, the donor-advised fund at Barnabas Foundation. He gives stock, which is sold, and the proceeds are held in the Stewards Fund account. Then when a favorite Christian ministry needs funding, Jim can recommend a grant. He particularly likes the time and flexibility benefits of the Stewards Fund. This testimony can be shared with your supporters.  (133 words)

  • Making the most of every opportunity

    Time is a remarkable gift from God. The pages of our personal planners and the squares on our calendars represent the moments God has entrusted to our care. But how should we use them? We can fill those moments in an almost limitless variety of ways.

  • Mapping your Congregation’s Assets

    Webinar (For Churches)

    In this webinar, Fred Milligan, Stewardship Consultant at Barnabas Foundation discusses mapping your congregation’s assets. Asset Mapping is a term which arrived in the not-for-profit world a number of years ago as community development leaders sought ways to move economically distressed communities from a scarcity mentality focused primarily on their needs to an abundance mentality focused on their existing resources.  Applying this technique to church stewardship attitudes and practices is relatively new and holds potential for helping churches operate out of an abundance mentality. 

  • Marv and Jean Rozenboom Testimony

    Stewards Fund

    Marv and Jean Rozenboom’s  testimony illustrates the power of leaving a legacy and the benefit of having a Stewards Fund. They felt God leading them to turn their farm equipment over to Him at the end of the harvest season. “For us it was a heart decision. Giving [our business] to the Lord was the most blessed way to depart a long-term career without feeling we really gave anything up. It took on a whole new meaning.” In the end, the Rozenbooms decided to transfer the ownership of their farm equipment to Barnabas Foundation, who would then sell the equipment at an auction. “[Selling the equipment ourselves] would have meant a big tax consequence,” Jean reports. “This way, the Lord gets to use 100 percent.” This testimony can be shared with your supporters. (132 words)

  • Money & Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples by Matt Bell

    Bell has written a book that is a “must have” for young adults both engaged, and married. He walks the reader through living on an established income and guides them through the tough subjects of debt, mortgages and combined salaries. Bell discusses the difficult decisions couples must make regarding money choices and many more topics.

  • Money Matters

  • Money Talk: Questions Your Congregation Ask When You’re Not in the Room

    Webinar (For Churches)

    We have hundreds of candid and healthy conversations with believers about money every year. More often than not, they’re talking with us about how and why they intend to bless (or not) their local churches through their God-given resources. 

    In this webinar, Barnabas Foundation planners will share information and stories about the conversations we’re having with the people in your congregation in the process charitable planning. 

    • What questions do they ask? 
    • What do they wish they’d hear from their pastors and church leaders? 
    • What inspires people to invest in their local churches – and what keeps them from giving more? 

  • Overview Brochure for Donor Referrals

    Useful for donor referrals, this brochure offers a high-level overview of the ways Barnabas Foundation can help your supports give more effectively, through our charitable gift and will planning services. 

  • Planned Giving Calculators

  • Planned Giving Glossary

    Glossary of Estate Planning and Planned Giving Terms

    Forms & Information, Information

    A Glossary of estate planning and planned giving terms that can be helpful for donors and ministries. Estate Planning is part of our spiritual responsibility for the assets God has entrusted to us. When we realize that everything we own actually belongs to God and we are simply His caretakers or stewards, we understand the importance of making sure that those assets are passed on in a way that honors God and furthers His kingdom. 

  • Planned Giving Illustrations

    Print (Other), Fact Sheets, Forms & Information, Information

    Christians use planned gifts from their estate to further support kingdom causes that are important to them. To help evaluate your options, we’ve created easy-to-understand illustrations. 

  • Planned Giving Options

    Print (Other), Fact Sheets, Forms & Information

    Christians use planned gifts from their estate to further support kingdom causes that are important to them. To help evaluate your options, we’ve created a complete chart of “planned giving options” which identifies income and tax implications, along with benefits to you and your favorite charities.